Canon S110 a disappointmnet

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Re: Canon S110 a disappointmnet

panamforeman wrote:

I have been waiting for some opinions on the S110. To date very little has been forthcoming from S110 owners in the way of posted photos or qualified opinions.

Finally a thread on this forum suggested that the S110 is not as good in IQ as the S100. He gave as proof the pics on Imaging Resource Comparator. So, I went to the Comparator site, and sure enough the S100 & S110 are available for a comparison test.

I have a excellent Sony 30" monitior, the best they made last year, and it gives a faithful rendition of photos for clarity and color etc.

I was amazed to see that the S110 is not near as good as the S100 in terms of IQ. The photos of the S110 are very much inferior to the S100 at all ISOs. They're not as clear; the S110s are noisier, colors not as vibrant, more smearing etc.

I was looking forward to getting the S110 because I liked the S100 so much. Figuring that the S110 would be even better. To my knowledge this is a first for Canon: where the succeeding model in a line is not as good as the model it replaces.

I have owned both the S100 and S110 and found that the the S110 offered better saturation and contrast in real world usage.  Also, I had a badly decentered lens on the S100 whereas the S110 was fine, so I think this is largely luck of the draw.  Otherwise, the image quality was very similar between the 2 cams.

FWIW, I prefer the S95 over the S100 as the S100 JPEGs are less sharp and just dull looking.

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