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The MP count issue

Well, most good lenses can resolve about 50 line pairs per mm, with really great ones around 85.

It's a little unclear -- thanks to the Bayer filter -- but as I count it, you get a Nyquist sampling at about 5um sensels for 50 lppmm. For APS-C, that's 14MP, like the NEX-5 had. The 24MP NEX-7 is pretty much at or past Nyquist for the vast majority of lenses it can mount. Increases beyond Nyquist can improve things, but not by as much as below Nyquist sampling.

Now a full-frame lens that resolves 36MP covers 50 lppmm, and 56MP would be as good on FF as 24MP on APS-C. However, FF lenses tend to be great in the center and bad at the edges, so maybe 36MP really is enough? Truth is, most FF 24MP cameras don't seem to be producing images as uniformly sharp as a 24MP NEX-7...?

My argument has been 56MP would be a good target for a FF NEX because it would allow a lens with lousy FF edges to be given an APS-C crop and still produce 24MP images. However, it doesn't seem like that's how Sony is going (yet?). The Speed Booster complicates this choice even more because it really levels the playing field between APS-C and FF, which means an APS-C sensor with removable Speed Booster would essentially give the in-the-field choice between 24MP APS-C or FF.

Pitty the SLT design can't support something like the Speed Booster....

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