Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

I didn't want to say anything in my original post about Brian's photos themselves, but since the cat is already out of the bag....

1. I think the photos look consistent, and that's important. He must have a decent workflow with regards to importing images while applying presets. I suppose he could just be consistent in manually editing, but I find this less likely.

2. The photos look consistently flat, and colours look consistently muted. I don't know if he was trying to replicate the look of some type of film, but that doesn't explain the weird WB, or the odd look of the colours in general. Personally, I don't like the mood in any of the photos, even the bright ones. They all look like funeral pics.

3. If customers are looking at the portfolio and chose this photographer anyway, then they got what they were expecting, which is why it's important to be consistent.

4. Most customers would have been happy with anything, as long as you got a top-to-bottom photo of the bride in her wedding dress, and some seemingly spontaneous ones.

I'm not trying to imply that this is why his customers would be happy. I think that as long as he's consistent, and the couples that hire him like his portfolio, then great!!   The only people who need to enjoy the sombre look of his photos are the married couple.

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