Nikon P7700 Owners....If You Were To Choose All Over Again...Would You Still Choose The

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Re: Nikon P7700 Owners....If You Were To Choose All Over Again...Would You Still Choose The

Portrait photography is my preference.  My primary camera is a Fujifilm X100.  I was looking to supplement the X100 because of it's fixed lens limitation.  The P7700 caught my eye and was in the price range I was longing for.  The lack of a viewfinder was my primary concern, but I gave Nikon the benefit of the doubt that they knew what they were doing.  After all, the industry trend seems to have abandoned the viewfinder in digicams in this class.  After 2 months with the P7700 I can say that I have no regrets.  There's no way I can say that the image quality is on par with Fujifilm's X100 full frame sensor, but they are, nonetheless, very good quality.  I use Corel AfterShot Pro & PaintShop Pro X5 for post-processing and I'm able to produce wonderful images with just a little nip & tuck to the original JPEG produced by the P7700.  I'm so satisfied with the JPEG rendering that I skipped the RAW route.  Importantly, the P7700 fulfills my purpose of supplementing my X100.  The lens is top notch and with the SB-40 flash it's a perfect companion for portrait shoots, weddings, etc.  I love not being weighed down with the bulk of DSLR's - which I've used previously - yet still have the convenient manual controls that I need for certain shooting conditions.  I admit that I do miss the viewfinder, but the articulating LCD more than makes up for it.  The viewfinder really isn't a necessity, it's just habit and I haven't broken the habit fully - yet.  All-in-all, I'm 100% satisfied with the P7700 and I wouldn't hesitate choosing it again.

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