Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

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Re: Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

I have 2 7900s and 1 9900 the first 7900 had a partial clog on LLK and after tons of attempts and flush with cleaning carts and cleaning solutions no luck.

I then soaked a small piece of paper towel on the capping station and let the head soak for a couple days.

Not any improvement then after several cleans the head got worse and now barely anything prints at all.

I think something internally goes wrong with added pressure and I mean very little pressure against he head causes it to not fire anymore. As when running cleaning solution it flushes through just fine so that makes me know that its not badly clogged as if it were the solution wouldn't flush so fast and easily.

My 9900 is having the Yellow do the same thing only prints about 3-5 of the lines of the nozzle check. I have done the same process and same results. I can see on the capping station and spit pad theres clearly yellow ink and what looks to be the entire line from top to bottom actually which makes me think something really odd is going on either the electronics or firing process etc. I know its not clogged as the flow is just a good as all the other non clogged channels when I flush with cleaning solution as you can literally watch the yellow ink flow through and fade to the clear cleaning solution and back to yellow when I put the yellow ink back in and remove the cleaning carts.

I also took the head out of the 7900 and had cleaned it and checked the nozzles and nipples where the damper attaches to the printhead those were clean and I cleaned them out just to be safe. The printhead I cleaned and flushed.

I personally think its an internal issue or a slight uneven pressure up against the face of the nozzle plate which causes complete failure of the nozzles touched or something of that matter. I stopped trying after going through another entire set of 110s and a full set of misc sizes 150s/350s/700s

Does anyone have a working used printhead or maybe a printhead with photo or matte black just clogged or one with just LLK clogged? If so how much could I buy it for?

New printheads are over $1000.

and I want to warn everyone dont touch these heads trying to fix or unclog as they are extremely sensitive and weak they are nothing like the old 4000/4800/4880 etc printheads nothing at all like them those are like bullet proof compared to these new heads.

anyways if anyone wants to sell me a head let me know maybe you have an old one laying around from when you had a new one installed etc. I Just need to get my yellow working.

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