Techniques for smoothing skin (in camera or PP)

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Give Portraiture a Try, or use Surface Blur (layer) technique

I suffer from Adult Acne in my thirties so I understand the pain your wife is going through.  3 options that works great for me.

1. Corel PaintShop Pro X cheapest & easiest (skill require = zero)

This was my favorite program.  It is very OLD and very cheap.  There is a dedicated icon called Make Over - Blemish Fixer Tools.  Click on it, then click on your wife's problem spot.  The red spots magically melts away.  Just amazing

2. Adobe CS2 (download it for free from adobe) adobe download (skill require = medium high)

  • duplicate photo into 2 layers
  • magic lasso her face
  • Filter/Blur/Surface Blur (it's blur out everything) so her entire face is blur
  • ERASE her eyes (on the layer 1), so her sharp eyes from layer 2 beneath will show through
  • Combine the layer into 1 photo.  Basically you blur-out her flow (minus the eyes)

3. Buy Portraiture for CS2 (

  • Easist but also the most expensive.  This filter will work with either Paintshop ProX or CS2.  If money is not an object, I consider this an investment!



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