Top myths in photography

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Re: Top myths in photography

The 2.04 micron image has a ton more noise than the 8.2 micron image does. Of course the former has more detail than the latter, it has substantially more likelihood that an edge won't fall into the cracks. More pixels closer together lessens the likelihood of an edge or some detail being lost in the cracks.

But, it's also worth noting, that you've placed the larger pixel sample at a substantial disadvantage here. You have the same distance from left to right and top to bottom in both images, however, the top image has more pixels to do that than the bottom does. Which gives the NR algorithm a lot more to work with. Notice how the bottom there was barely any NR necessary, whereas on the top images there was comparatively a huge amount of NR done.

That is not something which I would expect if there really wasn't anything to this more noise with smaller photosites problem.

Additionally, you yourself acknowledge the relationship between amount of light and noise. Larger photosites permit more photons to be captured at any given level of light, which means that you don't have to turn up the sensitivity as high.

Obviously, I'm not understanding, because you're just proving the point that it's not a myth.

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