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Re: 45mm 1.8 + OMD EM5 Fantastic results

zaurus wrote:

I was pointing out nothing else but that from a moderator one should expect to at least being capable to stay on topic. That was expected from me when I started moderating mailing lists and online chats/forums back in 1994 up to this very day.

On topic???? Here is the OP's post:

" just bought my OMD two weeks ago, and I  am really enjoying this camera.

Today it was the first time I tried the 45 mm 1.8 and I am extremely happy with the results of this magnificent piece of glass. I also bought the samyang 7.5, the sigma 19mm, and kit lens (also very nice lenses).

Below please find some of the samples (45mm 1.8) straight out from the camera. Only re-sizing with Picasa.

I really love the bokeh of this lens "

Your reply to this was:

"Keeping in mind subject and occasion -- which one of those could you have not taken with a legacy manual focus 50/1.4 lens?

Which cost $50-60 used as opposed to the "cheap" $400 lens you use?

Sorry, but this is just stupid."

Tell me, where does the OP mention manual focus?  Where does his delight in this new lens require anyone to tell him that he wasted his money on good glass that happens to have AF?  Who felt the need to insult the OP by calling his purchase of a system lens STUPID? Who was off topic, now, really?

If you can't see that you were condescending, mean, and rude in your OFF TOPIC response to the OP's original post, then I feel very sorry for the folks that you happen to moderate in your own chat rooms.


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