Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

Stusteelhead wrote:

I think you are missing my point a bit, sports and wildlife definitely have similar but different needs that I understand. My point is a big buffer 25 plus shots and fast write speed allow you to shoot a lot of bursts over a short amount of time. no i don't just hold the trigger down for 30 seconds but what often happens is that a subject will fly in for only 30 seconds or less so the most shots I can get over that sort of time span is very important to me. The fact that the D300 is able to move that much data in 30 seconds means you rarely have to wait on the buffer, and therefore hopefully don't miss the shot. In sports you will often shoot longer bursts nearly filling the buffer over an action sequence, and need it to empty for the next, I get that, but speed is speed so I feel this test is important to both of us in that its representative of a cameras ability in moving data, like i said i would be curious to see how a D7000 does and the new D7100 with a fast card.

We can agree to disagree then.  I'm interested in a different characteristic than you are.

I NEVER hold the shutter down any more once the buffer is full and the camera starts to stutter because I can't make sure I'll get the shot I most want or the camera will be ready when I need it to be (if something else starts to happen).  So, I never shoot the way your test runs and thus am not really interested in that measure.

Further, do you realize that your test is really only a measure of card write speed and doesn't show any significant difference between a 10fps camera and a 5fps camera and will barely show the difference between a small buffer and a medium size buffer.  I actually think both of those matter a lot to you too and they really matter to me.  Anyway, no point in further discussing - I was just trying to explain what your test was missing, but if that's what you care about, that's fine with me - just not what I'm interested in.

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