New Monochrome mode in SPP 5.5

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Old Monochrome mode in SPP

SandyF wrote:

For the non-Merrill cameras.

Wrong choice in my opinion.

For all of the non-Merrill imagers, you should use the good old Matson approach:

Open the file in SPP, desaturate to -2.0, mess around with the sliders to get sort of the look you want, use the color wheel to approximate a filter in front of the lens (you have to mix the colors for red, blue or green if you are a purist; otherwise, just keep moving it around until you get the look you want), do final adjustments and save as a same-sized tiff. In your image editing program, select the layer you want to use, if any, and make final adjustments there. Or you can work on the layers individually and leave the image in RGB. There is no need to export the image as grayscale or desaturated in you image editing program if your monitor is calibrated. Of course, you could if you want.

I have been doing this since 2003, and finally my friends at Sigma got around to streamlining the process into one part of SPP. The old way is more cumbersome, but it works exceptionally well.

Of course, you can also use the same process to create a sepia effect by not desaturating completely. Or you can add a layer in your image editing program and adjust it to get the desired subtle effect.

Finally, it is black and white not dark gray and light gray. The above method produces a great full-tonal range, if that is the goal. High-key and other goodies, as well.

Looks like this when done:

More here:

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