Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

Stusteelhead wrote:

Fair enough so a repeatable test of this, is just hold the trigger down for 30 seconds and see how many shots. With the CF I got 100 shots and with SD only 52. So with an even faster card we are possibly getting to the point where the buffer size is less of an issue, where the camera is able to write to the card almost as fast as the buffer. Also demonstrates the need for a fast card in the first place.

OK, that test is repeatable, but it isn't what I care about. If that's what you care about, then we can just agree to be interested in different things.

In your test a 6fps camera that can write to the card at x MB/s and has a 10 image buffer will probably score about the same as a 10fps camera (with the same buffer) that can write to the card at the same x MB/s.  Your test is almost entirely a test of the card write speed since as soon as the buffer fills up, all you can take (regardless of what fps the camera can do) is based on the card write speed.

I'm interested in how many consecutive shots I can take without any stutter (because the buffer filled up) and how fast those shots come (the real fps) because that's really the sequence I want. Once it starts stuttering, you end up missing all sorts of shots you want (at least that's what happens on my D300). Then, once I've done one of those max sequences, I want to know how long until the camera is ready for another max sequence.

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