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Re: 45mm 1.8 + OMD EM5 Fantastic results

jalywol wrote:

zaurus wrote:

None of the photos shown requires AF, in fact manual focus is better suited.

Well, using that logic,

For the last time: there isn't any "that logic." There is a specific set of photos posted and those only we are discussing.

why have AF lenses at all? I mean really , what is the point? Perhaps you should just go buy a Leica and be done with it? Not everyone finds MF appealing 24/7, you know.

You are off-topic again, but to put it to rest let me point out 90% of my shooting is events and sports with auto-focus. I have 5 native m43 lenses (7-14/4, 14/2.5, 25/1.4, 14-140/4-5.8, 100-300/4-5.8) and 7 native EF (among them 11-16/2.8, 17-55/2.8, 200/2.8L).

However, I use the proper and better tool for the job, and in this particular case, a 50/1.4 legacy lens is both better and way cheaper than the 45/1.8.

If the Canon is faster but has halation up to f2.0, then the f1.8 of the Oly, in actual use, provides better results at a faster setting......

Where do you see un-acceptable halation at f/1.7 here?

And if I can take this photo at a low-light live concert with people dancing around me -- surely the OP can take a posing portrait in a broad daylight, right?

Please kindly consider staying on topic once you've claimed moderator powers.

Kiddo, I did not post my original reply in the context of being a moderator here

I was pointing out nothing else but that from a moderator one should expect to at least being capable to stay on topic. That was expected from me when I started moderating mailing lists and online chats/forums back in 1994 up to this very day.

In my experience, only after one has mastered that, one can start moving forward by refraining from calling people names and talking down to them.

Just because YOU don't see the advantage of modern glass and AF does not mean you have to get all huffy because other people happen to enjoy its good points. No need to jam your opinion down the throats of those who neither solicited it nor are interested in it.

It should be crystal clear by now, I am not jamming anything. I have something of substance to say and I am entitled to say it openly -- this is the meaning of a forum. If you or somebody else does not want to listen, that's you right.

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