Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

Stusteelhead wrote:

There are many ways to do this test obviously but my point is, as a wildlife photographer you often have a very limited time to shoot a bird and I want to know how many shots a given camera can get off in a small time frame. So this test means I can get 8 - 10 shots bursts in 30 seconds with 2-4 seconds in between, thats pretty meaningful to me no matter how you break down the shooting sequences. By comparison the same CF card in my D200 only manages 45 shots the same as the SD card in the D300s. I would love a D7000 owner to try this and let us know how that camera compares.

What you are proposing just isn't a scientifically reproducible test.  You take a burst of unspecified length.  You pause for an unspecified or unmeasured time.  You repeat that process N times.  Sure, this might be what happens in the field, but you can't compare the results of different cameras until you have a reproducible test.  So, you'd either have to drive the shutter by computer to a prepgorammed shutter press pattern or separate out the parts of the process into things that are much easier to measure such as how long to fill the buffer, then how long to clear the buffer. Once you have the latter two numbers as separate values, you should be able to calculate how any other shooting sequence would work.

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