Confused about buying a set of ND grad filters

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Re: Confused about buying a set of ND grad filters

Terry Cacek wrote:

Note that Cokin makes two P-size filter holders. One has slots for up to three filters, is very thick, and often cuts off the corners of the frame. The other has only one slot, is much thinner, and is much less likely to cut off the corners. I use the one-slot holder, often with the 16-35mm lens. At all focal lengths, the holder does not appear in the frame if the filter is square with the world, e.i. if the long axis of the filter is either horizontal or vertical. Sometimes, I tip the filter a bit. Then, at 20mm the holder casues slight darkening of the corners. At 16mm, the corners are cut off. This usually can be corrected in post.

I didn't like having corners cut off, so I bought a Cokin Z holder and a bunch of 4x6 filters. The Z holder has three slots and cuts off the corners. However, the slots are screwed together so you can remove two slots to create a much thinner holder. You must then cut off four now overly long screws. When reduced to one slot, there is no darkening or cutting of corners, even at 16mm.

One problem is solved and another is created. The larger holder and filters take too much room in my bag so they sit on the shelf at home and are now for sale. The slim Cokin P holder and three Singh-Ray filters go everywhere I go.


Thanks Terry. I have the same lens. So you can only shoot 20mm and up?

And what three filters do you use .  All nd grads.?   Just curious of the setup. Thanks!

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