Las Vegas shooting.

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Re: Las Vegas shooting.

Mentor_1 wrote:

Slider44 wrote:

This is what bothers me the most.

Last week, and young black rapper was murdered and his car hit a cab, which then burst into flames killing both occupants of the cab. Three dead.

They have now named a suspect in this murder. Here is the story.

I want to know just one thing, and see if others agree with me on this. Read the first couple of paragraphs of the article. Here is my question.

Why is this man on the streets if he has a "extensive criminal history with violence"???

This is what must stop in this country. It is not JUST the gun violence, it is our court system in putting these type of people back out on the streets.

When are we going to wake up?

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Their prisons are already over crowded so the courts give them time served.

Prisons are over crowded pretty much everywhere in this country.  Not surprising.

What we need to do is to create a sort of Guantanamo style prison in each state where the criminals are housed in secure fenced areas, and forced to live in the same type of conditions they do in Guantanmo Bay.  We don't need to build multi-million dollar jails for them, build housing that they will not want to live in, that discourages crime instead of offering them housing, heat, water, TV, internet, food, playgrounds, weight equipment, etc, etc, etc.  Create a complex to put these people in that will make them NEVER want to go back.  Maybe then, they will realize the world is a much better place than what jail offers them.

But as it is now, they get three great meals a day, a warm room and bed, and TV to watch all day long.  Hell, I may be willing to do that someday.  Some are even committing crimes to GET BACK TO JAIL because they enjoy it better than the outside world.

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