Luminosity Mask Blending Techniques with D800 NEF files.

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Re: Luminosity Mask Blending Techniques with D800 NEF files.

With luminosity masking you can get all 14+ stops of DR without producing a rather flat image. Using PS CS6 the procedure is rather simple:

1- On the 1st raw conversion look carefully at everything BUT the highlights. These should be blown or close to it. Expose for normal and dark tones.

2- On the 2nd raw conversion be careful to get the highlights perfectly exposed. The rest of the image will look too dark.

3- Now, with the 2nd conversion on your PS CS6 screen, Select All, Edit Copy.

4- Now open the 1st raw conversion. It should already be sitting on the top bar.

5- Now do Edit-Paste. The top layer will be the darker conversion.

6- Hold down Control-Alt-and the 3 key - together. You should see marching ants.

7- Now click on the tiny Instant Mask symbol in the Layers pallet (at the bottom). It looks like a small square with a circle inside it.

8- Done.

9- However, to polish it up activate the top layer mask and erase all the unwanted masking.

10- To make it sing, activate the bottom layer and use Nik Color Efex Pro Tonal Control filter. The defaults should work fine for now. If you are happy, Flatten the image.

I can guarantee that you will see a radical 3d type image - and love it. There are many ways of doing a double raw conversion, but this is the easiest to explain. (the drag and drop can be very confusing to many)

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