Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

I wouldn't shoot with an X100s because I'd never shoot a wedding with a brand new camera that I didn't fully understand. All Fuji cameras seem to have their quirks, and the camera may work in an unexpected way. It's nothing that can't be overcome, but if I had another good camera, I'd use that instead.

My X100 is my favourite camera ever, so I understand it well. It fits the style of photography that I do, which is not wedding photography!  I'm not a wedding photographer, but have shot two weddings before as a 2nd shooter, and can tell you that the AF of the X100 isn't too slow to shoot weddings, and so the X100s shouldn't be too slow either.  Probably.  Maybe.

Having said that, the X100's focal length wouldn't fit with the style of wedding photos that I'd want to shoot (if I were a frequent wedding photographer), so perhaps I'd grab the X-Pro 1 instead and use the 35 mm. I'd also want to shoot at 85 mm, so either I could wait for the 56 mm f/1.4, or buy the 60 mm.

The lenses I'd want to use for a wedding would be the 18 mm (or the 14 mm since it's optically better), 35 mm, and the 56 mm which hasn't been released yet.

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