a99 vs. mklll

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I moved from Canon to Sony

Decided to make the move from 5D2 and start over with A77 and now A99 rather than go with the 5D3.

5D3 is a safe choice but for the way I like to use a camera, the Sony wins easily.

Key thing for me is the EVF and how it lets me see the image before I shoot, rather than chimp at the screen after the moment has passed.   It cannot be overestimated just what a big deal this is.  It is revolutionary, being able to judge exposure and WB on the fly just by looking at the screen.  I rarely chimp at the LCD now and have more keepers than I ever used to get with Canon.

Add focus peaking for the Sony.

Add the articulating screen - I can shoot from the waist if I want.  And the live view experience is so seamless compared to conventional DSLR's.

IQ on the A99 is terrific.  There is nothing in it if you directly compare A99 with 5D3 in the real world in terms of IQ for most situations.

I will never go back to a conventional camera unless they offered an EVF and articulating screen.

Of course, you need to be happy that the smaller lens options are not a problem with Sony.

YMMV,  but if you love using an EVF ( as I do ) then A99 is the only choice.

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