Aged EPSON Inks and Paper - Colormunki or EPSON icc Profiles

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Aged EPSON Inks and Paper - Colormunki or EPSON icc Profiles


I recently acquired a used EPSON 9800 with 6-7 year old ink and paper (Premium Glossy Photo Paper). The printer needed a couple of cleaning cycles but otherwise the nozzles are working well. I decided against throwing out the ink and paper since there was lots of it.

I read a lot about the pros/cons of custom color profiling with a spectrophotometer, especially comments about how the profiles generated by EPSON are quite good and many people did not see a "significant" difference between the EPSON and custom (X Rite) profiles. I decided to purchase a Colormunki Photo anyway (although I was eyeing the iPro 2) and calibrate my monitor as well as create a custom profile for the aged paper and ink set.

The difference between the custom Colormunki and EPSON profiles were staggering. The custom Colormunki profiled print and my monitor was excellent. The EPSON profiled print was lighter and had a (for lack of a better word) "sepia" cast.

I took a photo of the prints, along with the ColorChecker Passport to keep things even. Here are two versions of the prints (the JPG is about 1MB and the PSD is nearly 80MB). I was concerned the JPG may not show the differences well, but it does. Remember, this is a photo of the photo print:

So, I am trying to reconcile this difference in my head. I would appreciate comments about why I am seeing such a large difference.

Some additional comments from side:

1) I did a soft proof within PS and the two profiles looked very similar.

2) I assumed the difference were due to the aged inkset and paper. In which case there is a HUGE benefit for the Colormunki. But someone reminded me that the K3 inks should have a long image permanence. Does the permanence rating only hold true once printed onto paper? I suppose the permanence is the combination of the two as well (ink and paper).

Many thanks for reading my question. I hope to get some good feedback!



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