12 questions on the Olympus OM-D/ Lumix GH3 - before I take the 4/3 plunge

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MPA1 wrote:

ken henke wrote:

Good comparison. My Nikon system is similar. Thus, is does come down to convenience vs having all the bells and whistles. And from my research and what folks have responded to in regards to my questions, it is becoming clear a 4/3 system may have the bells and whistles and capability I need to continue to take the images I want without any sacrifice in quality. That is what I believe DLSR users will probably be seriously considering before making a plunge into a new system.

Why does everyone always assume that it is "either/or"?

Just keep two (or three or four!) systems and choose the appropriate one for the job at hand.

There are times when I need my full frame, 2 body, full set of f2.8 glass Nikon D3s kit. And times when the GH3 is just fine. There would also be times when a Leica M would be good and times when a Medium Format would be good. Just not enough times for me to buy the last two (and I can't see well enough to focus the M lenses any more).

The two systems offer different strengths and weaknesses with some overlap. The obvious thing to do is maintain both systems.

No doubt if money wasn't an issue, I would keep my Nikon system and purchase a compact system. However, with $$$ in mind, it unfortunately does come down to either/or. And that is precisely the struggle many folks have...what is the ultimate system to fit their budget and photographic needs. I am quite convinced the marketing folks at all these camera companies know that as well. So, they have really don't have the incentive to provide the "ultimate" camera. If they did, folks wouldn't be upgrading or moving from one system to another as often.

Someday, closer to retirement, I suspect I will invest in a least two systems that will fill all my photographic needs. Right now ensuring my son makes it through college is paramount. 

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