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So many people are looking for cameras that will bring back the feel of film cameras they had 20 or 30 years ago ... like your preference for a camera with a 'mechanical feel'. Nothing wrong with that, but those preferences are dying out with your/my generation. It's a different world now ....

Within the last 2 years: Fuji x100, xe1, xpro, x10, x20s, x100s, sony rx1, nex6, om-d, panasonic lx7, etc. The trend toward "mechanical feel" has little to do with nostalgia. Dials are practical. You don't have to break your concentration to make adjustments that matter, unlike multiple button presses or scrolling through menus.

I can agree with both of these comments to an extent. I think the desire for more simplistic mechanical cameras has more to do with a desire to feel more tangibly connected to the camera - but at the same time it is just that which reminds us of older film cameras that predate the whole digital/on-screen era.

My brief time with the RX1 left me with the realization (which many here have pointed out) that I was looking at the RX1 for entirely the wrong reasons, and was mistaken about what the camera actually is and isn't. I was hoping is would be something more than a great digicam; it isn't. In my defence, it was actually Sony's own marketing, as well as DPreview's statements which claim that it's targeted towards professionals, and even a "Modern Leica". Some here wondered why I would think it might be Leica-like, well it was DPreview who created that comparison; not me.

The sensor, lens, and overall image quality were never, and still aren't in question to me; I know it's capable of incredible results. It's the overall feel of the controls and responsiveness that left me scratching my head thinking it wasn't the most responsive or "connected" camera.

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well that's kind of like me wandering over to android from apple's os. the new can be disconcerting. it upsets our notions of the way things are supposed to be. after leica, sony's menus, customisation options, etc., had me scratching my head, too. in addition, i'm such a luddite in some ways that focus peaking was (still is, actually) distracting to me. then i said to myself, who am i kidding? i bought the rx1 so i wouldn't have to focus manually. so probably i am not using half of what the rx1 offers. doesn't matter. i don't have to be a fantastic photographer (and i'm not) to know that the image quality out of the rx1 can be fabulous - and i get af, too. maybe not the world's fastest af, though i admit i have no idea what that is, but af + top iq in the smallest possible package is what i wanted, and the rx1 delivers. that said, the rx1 is not for everybody and that makes sense to me. what i object to is the folks who find it's not for them and think it shouldn't be for anyone else, either. they need to get a life.

Well said........   WC

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