DotTune not working for me. Suggestions?

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Horshack Veteran Member • Posts: 5,803
Re: Yes, that made a huge difference!

Julian Vrieslander wrote:

Horshack wrote:

For anyone who has trouble with too wide of a confirmation range, can you please try the above and report back your results? Thanks!

I just tried your amended method and saw an immediate and obvious improvement. The range of confirmed focus was much narrower for my 24-70. I am now seeing end points at +5 and -3. I also see more stable and clear distinctions between the in-focus and out-of-focus regions.

I feel like kicking myself for not trying this earlier. Especially, since I almost always have my cameras set for "AF-ON only" operation.

Thanks again, for a great tip, and a quick follow-up. Looks like you've got some video editing to do.

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately Youtube doesn't let users replace videos so I'll need to add some messy popups to note this change. I intentionally waited a few weeks after my first DotTune thread before making that tutorial video, in case any issues popped up that required a change to the method. Ugh

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