Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

To get a fair (I think) measure of what the D7100 will be able to do, I did test write speed on my D800. If you set the camera to video LV and take stills you end up with 25,3 MP images.

With a really fast SD card (SanDisk Extreme Pro rated at 95 Mb/sec) the D800 writes just about 1 25,3 MP image/sec. That is, for a 6 pic burst it writes for about 6 sec. This is also approximately the write time I get with that card in the USB 3 cardslot of my computer when copying a few files to the card.

So I expect the D7100, which uses the same Expeed 3 as in the D800, to make a halt of around 5 seconds after a 1 second burst (6 14 bit images).

I think that will be an issue for many burst shooters.

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