Why are EM5 RAW files so slow in Faststone?

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Timur Born
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Re: Why are EM5 RAW files so slow in Faststone?

rrr_hhh wrote:

Timur Born wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

I've been using FastStone a bit lately with Sigma X3F files and found that you can set how it shows RAW files in the RAW tab under Settings. Might be worth a look.

This does not apply to thumbnails, though.

I just checked, and thumbnails are created out of the embedded JPGs. Strange that FS needs so much time to read/create these compared to other image viewers.

When I want to view the full EXIF n formation, I use PIE from Picmeta . I think that PIE use the EXIF tool too, but it has a much better user interface for dumb people like me. It is free if you nly want to view the EXIF, but you have to pay something if you want to be able to modify the EXIF (to add a legacy lens you use or correct the ate and time of scanned pictures or if you forgot to adjust for summertime, etc..)

I took a look at it, but fail to see the advantage over just using Faststone with Exiftool embedded on a keypress, other than saving the keypress. The information provided is the same list that you get in PIE and the user interface is the one that Faststone provides plus an extra window for scrolling through the Exif (similar to the extra Exif window in PIE).

The FS + Exiftool method has the advantage that you can keep several Exiftool windows for different images open concurrently (and show several images at once in FS if you need to) while PIE only displays Exif for the currently open image.

FS includes free editing of the file and Exif dates, but no in-deep editing of Exif. There are several free alternatives for editing Exif (including Exiftool GUI), but PIE offers a really nice GUI and lots of interesting drop-down menus for that.

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