D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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Re:Now forum guidelines

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Joe Porto wrote:

The lengths one poster has gone to attempt to disprove focus issues with the D800 is humorous, pathetic, even mind boggling at times.

Please - stop breaking forum guidelines, and also not telling the truth.

I have NEVER said no D800 cameras have a manufacturing focus issue.

What I say is I have seen 118 links (my latest count) on this forum using targets that look like ones Nikon say can cause poor focus accuracy, and no links using a first class target. I stand by this opinion.

This is a very sad combination of statements. A half day ago I have told you (again) that Nikon has told me personally that my focus target are accurate (as 1 of the 118). Still, you keep on claiming my targets are not good, but persistently pretend as if you are representing Nikon's view. The only valid conclusion is that that you are the person not telling the truth for at least 118 times.

Probably you need assistance to become more knowledged on the AF topic. If you cannot reach repeatable and accurate focus with any of those 118 targets, I recommend you to improve your technique, or to hand over your camera for repair.

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