Panasonic to Shrink

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WaltKnapp wrote:

Marti58 wrote:

well all brands suffer from declining P&S sales this is going for a few years now, this market segment seems cleary effected by the smartphones, if i recall the figures correctly something as 42 percent the past few years.

system camera's seem to do well and also SZ camera's are doing ok for the moment.

its not a brand related phenomena, the market is shifting.

i think we see something happening in this forum as well, its dominated by the RX100/ RX1 where are the other models ?

It should be noted that Sony is also loosing money on camera sales, no reason to think they will fill in against smartphones any better than any other manufacturer. In fact their prices seem to already into a sharp rise indicating shrinking sales.

The RX100/RX1 don't have a lot of types of photos that cannot be taken by smartphones as they advance. They amount to just a type of P&S in the larger camera market, and will be a niche market in the long run. Now, superzooms will probably stay ahead of smartphones into the long future as it's unlikely you can ever put so much zoom reach into a smartphone.

Certainly one should not consider this forum as representative of the camera market.

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+1. the panasonic forum is filled with talk about the fz200 and the lx7. what's new today often eclipses yesterday's product. today's chatter may well not indicate what the future holds or where the market will end up.

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