1D mark iii owners question.

Started Feb 24, 2013 | Questions thread
Ultradan Contributing Member • Posts: 627
Re: 1D mark iii owners question.

I wonder why the 1diii cannot be checked for shutter count? I have recently bought a 1d mkii and tried it on www.camerashuttercount.com/ to double check what the seller said it had on it and it came back correct.

It is very reassuring to know shutter count though I appreciate it does not in any way guarantee how long your camera will last. I find it annoying when shops/sellers do not give a shutter count - especially on models where it can be checked, I mean if you were buying a car you would certainly want to know how many miles it has done as it would greatly affect the price wouldn't it? some people try and sell cameras on the likes of ebay with really high shutter counts and still expect the same prices as ones that have done way less work - strange really.

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