Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

Stusteelhead wrote:

Well this was done in bursts, so like I shoot in the field, I would pause between bursts when I hit the buffer and then at 28 seconds I held down the trigger till it hit 30 seconds with the buffer full. Basically this test to me tells me whether I will get the shot or not when an owl flies in to grab a mouse kills it then flies off. Knowing i can take 16 - 5 shot bursts in 30 seconds is rather important to my shooting style and speaks to the overall performance of the camera imo

OK, you're more after the same kind of thing I am, but you didn't quite describe it that way in your original post.  I'm very interested in how many uninterrupted shots I get at max fps which your first post didn't really describe (this is mostly dominated by buffer size, but may get a few additional shots due to write speed during the sequence).  I hate the stutter when the buffer fills.  And, then after I've taken a long sequence, I'd like to know how quickly the camera is ready for another long sequence (this is where the real-world card write speed really matters).

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