Deleting Camera Calibration Profiles

Started Feb 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Deleting Camera Calibration Profiles

You guys lost me somewhere after 5th or 6th post. Anyhow I have Win8, but I think Win7 control panel should be the same as long as you choose classic view, as the original view is the most confusing ever. Since profiles could be stored in many different places, if you really want to do it hard way, do the hard drive search for    *.icc   and that should list all profiles on your computer and again i think you need to be able to see system files for it to work. But if you just delete the file without unregistering it, you still may get some errors, since the file will still be registered  in registry but missing from the drive.   Why do you insist on deleting it is another story altogether: File itself takes very little space (probably less than 1 Mb) and if you don't pick it up as active, it won't affect anything. I used to have a program that would search computer and list all ICC profiles, I think it was called dispwin-i or something like that. You could also use display properties/color management/ profiles.

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