Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

sony1799 wrote:

If you had a little bit of wedding experience and got the chance to shoot a friends wedding as a second shooter would you use the x100s? I know people said the AF on the x100 was too slow for weddings but the x100s sounds promising.

As a second shooter, then sure, why not. The small and silent x100(s) can fill in nice roll in situations where a big, loud full frame with flash would be inappropriately intrusive. It can also help you get some great candids, and I believe the spontaneous candid shots are the ones the wedding party will appreciate most.

For example, at the wedding of a family member last summer, I was able to take quite a few close up photos of speeches (father of the bride, best man) using my x100 (at chest height, using the LCD), without feeling the least bit intrusive or distracting.

As the main photographer, I think I'd certainly want something with more reach. A friend asked me to shoot an event (conference sort of thing) while I only had my x100, and I really felt like the fixed 23mm was pretty limiting. I ended up having to do more cropping in post than I would've liked with the 12mp sensor (though the new 16mp sensor will be more accommodating of cropping).

And without a giant "real" looking DSLR, conference participants just kinda gave me the "who the heck are you?" sorta look when I asked them to stand together for photos. Like it or not, your average Joe still expects the professional photographer to have the big, ugly DSLR.

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