Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

Stusteelhead wrote:

´╗┐Did a quick test with my D300s that I posted in another thread but felt the results deserved there own thread and possibly new testing method for dpreview and other sites to give us the true performance capabilities of these cameras. The basic premise, how many shots can a camera take in 30 seconds, 6fps means nothing to me if the buffer if always full, so here's what i did, Set my D300s to 12 Bit lossless compressed Raw, turned off all in camera settings (noise reduction, actice d-lighting etc) then first using a 32GB Sandisk Extreme UDMA 60 mb/s card (fast but not the fastest) and basically started the timer and shot away for 30 seconds to see how many shots my camera could take. Then I repeated the test writing to the SD slot instead of the compact Flash, that card was a Lexar Professional SDHC1 16GB 400x Speed. The results were dramatic and I would love for someone with a D7000 to post the results from their camera. So with the Compact Flash Card my camera was able to take 83 shots in 30 seconds and with the SD only 46. I have heard the SD card write speeds were crippled on the D300s and really notice the drop in speed in the field but was still very surprised to see almost half the shots over 30 seconds. To me this test should be an essential figure for any new camera specs and means alot more then high fps numbers with small buffers it also speaks to the potential of the new D7100 if it has great write speeds as Jim had mentioned in a previous thread. Would be very interesting to see the results of other cameras out there using this test.

I like the general direction of your test, but I'm more interested in how many shots a camera can take in a 3-5 second burst and then how long until the buffer is clear again?  I never take 30 seconds of continuous shots, but I frequently take multiple 3-5 second bursts and I'd like to know how many shots the camera takes in that time period.  The 30 second burst is going to fill up the buffer no matter what so it's going to heavily weight card write speed and underweight buffer size and effective fps in my opinion.

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