Sony, please make us a CZ 24-105mm/f4

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Happy with the old Tammy

For you street/landscaper togs, I'd imagine a 24-105/4 would be a nice option.  But as a portraitist, that lens would have a hard time getting me away from one of my old favorites... Tamron 35-105/2.8 SP... the original.  It works so beautifully on a700 with effective 50-150/2.8 as a portrait lens.  Pick one up for around $200... if and when you can find one.  They often need rebuilding, but it's easy to do.  I just rebuilt mine, tightening the zoom ring, re-lubricating the focus helicoid, and even put a tape shim inside the zoom barrel to correct the wobble from the heavy front element.  A really lovely lens, combined with the original SP70-210/2.8 and 20-40/2.8, makes a fabulous tag team of high quality all metal guns.

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