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Martin Muehlemann wrote:


If you focus, the full viewfinder will illuminate red, not the single AF point. In the 6D or in the 5D2 this is different, as with Nikon, the AF point once focused will stay red. On the 5D3 it turns grey. In dark environments this is not very contrasty.

I am holding my 5d3 in my hands and looking through the viewfinder.  I have it in zone focus mode.  The focus points that are being used are squares that light up.  These are single focus points.  The squares that are illuminated tell you what focus points are being used.  Not sure what focus mode you were in, but it looks like this (See the red square?):

Undoubtful, the 5D3 is a very capable camera. I was soaked at the airshow, 70-200L II IS USM and the 5D3 in pouring rain for 10min. I had drips under the upper LCD. As fo the sealing, the Olympus E-System wins bigtime!

The 41 Cross, this has to be mentioned, are lens dependent. Not all lenses will allow all of them. But lets say it this way, AF-D of Sony will not support all lenses either.

If the 6D would have had 1/8000 and x-sync of 1/250 then i'ld probably would stick onto that with a 24-70L F4 IS USM.

I owned 4 24-105L and none of them was sharp wide open. At F4 my boudoir shooting was partially screwed. Lucky that I had my 70-200L II with my. This lens is really a gem. Paired with the 24-70 II the gear was really perfect.

I got my A99 for 2000, then I added 1400 for my 24-70Z and I got my 70-200G for another 1500, all new with 3 years of warranty. That is 2000 less than I payed for my 5D3 kit.

Yes, if you shoot video, the IQ of the 5D3 is superior. But it lacks of AF. It full manual control.

True, but the F/3.5 limited AF of the a99 somewhat has a mind of its own and I can at least zoom in (in video mode) before I hit record AND zoom in while recording with the free Magic Lantern software.  Also, I can shoot video and "push" autofocus once even @ F/1.4 by either hitting the backfocus or half-pressing the shutter.  I could not do this with the Sony unless I was in full time continuous AF mode.

And the other lame story about the 5D3, it has no UHS-1 support. The SD Card slot is limited to 25 MB/sec. There is no firmware which will fix this. So you need to stick into the expensive CF cards. The 6D and the A99 have UHS-1 support for a 95 MB/sec SD card

No argument here - it's very silly for Canon to have this limitation.  But even then the buffer of the Mark III still trumps the a99 for bursts.  If I stick in a UHS-7 CF 1000x card there's no comparison.

The 5D3 lacks of GPS which is not very convenient. I like to tag the photos so you need to add another 280 bucks for the GPS unit which then has the hot shoe blocked and it cannot be used for flash. Bad for my wedding work.

Quite right here as well.  Seems very shortsighted of Canon to not have this in a semi-flagship model released in 2012.

Yes, the Canon has some features which are superior but the considering the price and the package you get, the A99 is more value.

How so?  The 5d3 has dropped in price and is within a few hundred bucks of the a99 if you look around.  You get superior autofocus, low light, burst/buffer rate, more lens choices and better video performance.  Not to mention "pro" level support from Canon.  I'm quite happy with my choice, but again if the a99's video was better I'd have stuck with it.



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