Firearms companies stop selling to the government

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Re: Firearms companies stop selling to the government

vadimraskin wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Only a foolish CEO turns down business in 2013 because of political reasons. Guess what? Another company will ​gladly​ take the sales you just turned away! Doh!

They must be doing good because of stupid paranoidal idiots are buying off the entire stocks of ammo and guns so these guys just decided to capitalize on this even more. Well, nothing lives forever and in about a year or so, when morons either run out of money or finally figure out that nobody isn't really after their idiotic guns, sales will slump down to regular levels and all these "super-patriotic" companies will quietly start bidding on the government contracts again (but they won't advertise it on their websites)

It is ALL about the MONEY after all.

Of course, they will sell again to the government once the anti gun proposals fail to pass in Congress...

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