cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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Re: cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

Ursula Freer wrote:

HotArt wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Why Wouldn't it? There i s no connection of the "Pad" with anything.

The printer's waste ink counter goes on happily counting away and sending the info to the chip.

Even if you took the pad out completely it would stil work. It might get a bit splashy in there though.

Sorry to be confused. So the printer will keep working when the counter says it needs a maintenance tank replacement.


No. When the chip ( Which counts the waste ink level ) of the Maintenance Cart says it is full. You will not be able to print any further until you either replace it with a new cart or reset the chip back to "Empty".

Of course the actual M Tank with still be saturated with ink.

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