What the 'I want more pixels' brigade don't consider!

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Re: What the 'I want more pixels' brigade don't consider!

Simon Devlin wrote:

One aspect I didn't consider was that more pixels proportionally induces camera shake and reduces the effectiveness of Shake Reduction 'SR' for Pentax.

Ummm... I have to disagree with that part.

If you move the camera a certain amount during an exposure, the extent of blur does not depend on how many pixels the sensor is divided into.  If you have 20 MP on the sensor instead of 10 MP you have recorded that blur at higher resolution, but a print the same size will be blurred to the same extent from both cameras.  Same applies to the SR: the camera detects your motions via its accelerometers and moves the sensor to compensate.  If the camera needs to move the sensor 0.1mm to the left to compensate for your movement to the right, that is not dependent on the pixel count, only the size of the sensor and how much you are shaking the camera.

Do you mean that achieving the mythical 'pixel level sharpness' for a 20MP camera compared to a 10MP camera puts higher demands on lenses, your technique, and many other things (including the effectiveness of SR) - if so that's clearly true.

Best wishes

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