Backup tools and insurance for Android phones

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Re: Corrections about Kies and backup/restore options.

Jeff Peterman wrote:

1. I don't know if the backup function backs up the card contents, but you can do that easily enough using standard file management tools when the phone is connected to your computer, OR you can take the card out of the phone and access it with a card reader.

Actually I tried that this morning and it did not work.

First I tried backing the card up with Acronis. That is disc imaging software that can be used to make disc backups or folder and file backups. When the phone was connected to my laptop and I ran Acronis it did not see either the phone or the external sd card.

Next I tried to back up the external card with WinZip. It did see the card but refused to back it up. I tried several times but no luck. It said it needed to change to the local folder to add it to the zip file and could not.

I am relatively sure that if I remove the card, put it in one of the sd card holders and insert it in the sd card reader on my laptop I can solve this problem but I would rather not be doing that. I worry about breaking the back or removing the power from the phone or damaging the card. Strange that neither Acronis nor WinZip would back up the card when in the phone and attached to the laptop with a usb cord, but that is what happened.

2. The Kies backup took can be used to restore "the phone itself" but don't forget that the file system of Android is open, so you can copy all the files that make up the "phone." Plus, the phone has an option in settings to restore it to the baseline, which should fix whatever has corrupted the phone.

That (the restore function) may be what I need. I don't know anything about the architecture of an Android phone and I am not sure that copying the data from internal memory to an external location and then copying it back will do much good. I make the assumption that there is a proprietary storage format that must be used for the phone to work and, for all I know, there may be information stored in special locations which may be invisible to the user (and to Windows). I know the system is "open" but that only means that the information is documented and available. My use of the term "proprietary" is only meant to apply to specific OS/memory location information which may reside in non-open locations.

4. I don't know if there are any "hidden" folders. I know that you can restore the phone to the baseline easily, and that's probably using files kept in the firmware, which would be hidden from when you access the phone like a disk drive.

Yes. Assuming that the functionality to do the restore is still working I assume someone could reset the phone to its baseline functionality and then, presumably, re-install the apps and the data. This would be similar to doing a Windows rebuild. I was thinking that there might be something like Acronis which I use for disc imaging of my Windows system. If something goes horribly wrong on my Windows system (as it frequently seems to do) all I have to do is restore my most recent disc image and, after restoring new data, I am good to go, apps and all. Something like that is what I was looking for on the phone.

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