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Re: your obituary is premature

sderdiarian wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

I take the term "more competitive" to mean both companies have agreed to stop losing money selling cameras.

I have to wonder, does tying two sinking boats together stop them from going down? Cameras are a rapidly shrinking market thanks to smart phones and maturing products.

The picture taking public is already there, viewing photos exclusively on laptops, tablets and smartphone screens. Even for devotees of the art, when's the last time you made a print large enough to see the difference between 12 MP and 24 MP? And, other than for cropping, where's the advantage compared to the downside of rapidly filling up your hard drive?

I have a hard time now viewing cameras as a growth business, at least in their present incarnations. They've had their faddish boom, but those who wanted a DSLR now have it, and those who've tired of their heft and size have largely migrated to mirrorless. Where's the market once this group has also been sated?

I also have to wonder about the demographics of DSLR/mFT buyers. Most of the faces I see attached to posts are 40+'rs who grew up using SLR's and film. I don't see excitement from younger buyers, whose focus seems riveted on smartphones and tablets.

Sounds an awful lot like the demise of the vinyl record and its complete replacement by the CD to me...o wait a minute...what are all those record racks doing at the local music store.  More of them every week.

The point is a simple one that Olympus better note.  You better come up with a distinctive and high quality product.

It was precisely endless "me too" or yet-bigger-zoom-range compacts of declining quality aimed at volume sales that sank their reputation in the compact market (a market they played a key role in creating, decades earlier.)  Having, over a fairly short period, so many different dslr models that differed in minor ways (510/520, 410/420/450, E-3/E-30, E-620/600/650?) that even their own support was confused was also unwise. So were the too many minor reiterations the Pen/PL?PM.  (Even the staff at Visitek could not tell me what the differences between PL2 and PL3 were.)

Then, just when the the waters seems about to close over Olympus forever, a strange new, quite distinctive weatherproof, video-optimized zoom lens appeared, obviously destined for a new kind of camera.  And that camera was the OM-D, which, especially with the new set of lenses, is about as they could have done.

Hopefully Sony and Olympus (Solympus? Olyony?)

Sony simply swallows other companies whole, though it does sometimes allow them a few years of zombie-existence, while it prepares its gullet.

will come out with some exciting new products to recapture interest and help turn this around.

A few weeks ago, our 23 year-old, very computer and i-phone and i-pad savvy law-student daughter called me, after seeing Canon's ads for the Ti-4.  She wanted a camera that would take video, both to further her photo-skills and to practice for moot court, and her E-620 does not do that.

I suggested that she buy from a camera store rather than Amazon, that shedo some real research, and take a good look at mirrorless and really good compacts, especially the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200, the Sony only Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 and the OMD  She looked at and liked them all, especially the Om-D, but nevertheless ended  up with a Ti-4 with a 40mm lens instead of the kit zoom, because she needed the fully pivoting screen

There's a profound irony here that reflects many of Oly's near-misses over the years, starting with their decision to piomeer LV but not to implement video in the E-330, because it would have made the camera cost about $50 more. And, even with the OM-D, good as it is, not to go just a little larger and implement the pivoting screen that they have more or less perfected.

We can only hope that the combination of repeated reassurance and refusal to commit to particular products means that Olympus is very carefully and strategically preparing another innovation as major and strategic as the OM-D and spin off implementations as synergistic as the E-30 or E-620.

For now, I'm good with my two Olympus DSLRs and mFT's, especially the E-M5, and am enjoying focusing on photography rather than gear. Nothing wrong with that!

I have actually found, time and again, that too much gear actually gets in the way of photography, and that too effective automatic functions often get in the way of really creative image-making.  A single look at virtually any of the technically crude, low-res, low DR, high-noise, etc. photos of Cartier-Bresson or the man cited below demonstrates that point very well.

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