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Re: RX1 review on the Imaging Resource

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"We never thought we'd find ourselves saying that a $2,800 compact camera was a good deal, but if ever one qualified as such, the Sony RX1 is it. What's perhaps most exciting about the Sony RX1 is the way it completely redefines expectations of what a compact camera can accomplish. With the RX1, Sony has thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the camera industry; it'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, rises to the challenge."

Sorry this has to be wrong, according to all the comments currently being made how poor, not worth the money etc etc this camera is how can yet another review call it a game changer! Obviously all the comments by the "reviewers" who haven't even used the camera are correct though....

Can you point to the comments by reviewers who are opposing what imaging-resource notes without having used the RX1? Thanks.

Sean I think Justin is being a little sarcastic, but I would bet that many of the naysayers who have apposed the RX1 in many of the other forums have not tried the RX1 in real life, let alone hold it.Now that is not saying that some in this forum who don't like it haven't tried it or owned it, but as in many new cameras on the market, more than enough of the skeptics are non users. As for myself the RX1 is one hell of a camera, I don't care what others say, it suits my needs and more, I am having loads of fun with this little gem, oh and there are way more positive reviews on this camera from well established sites than negative.There is no one camera that I know that has suited the exact needs of every single photographer out there and I have yet to see the camera that has been given the perfect score from any site or reviewer.The RX1 and RX100 have brought a lot of excitement back into the market, I can't wait to see what is next. WC

Oh no doubt. Even though it didn't work out for me, I had much more positive to say about the RX1 than negative. I really only had 2 quibbles with the RX1: Initial speed to lock in AF and poor ergonomics for walking around and shooting (thumb grip might have solved this, but I wasn't going to pay 70 billion dollars for that little piece of metal). I compared the RX1 image quality to the D600 and the NEX 5N and I preferred the RX1. I love the image quality. To me, it's the most affordable incredible image quality to be found (and for me, this gets at higher ISOs, too).

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