BIF and manual focus

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Re: BIF and manual focus

This is extremely hard and takes a lot of training. Still you will probably not reach a high hit rate.

An old fashion way is to pre-focus the lens and push the shutter release button a fraction of a second before the bird is at the pre-focused point, since there is a small delay from the button is pushed until the shutter is released. You might do the pre-focusing when the bird is approaching the camera. Shooting bursts will help increasing the hit rate.

I tried to photograph flying bees with a long telephoto lens with my A77, and focus peaking was actually very helpful. I did not shoot for a long period, just tested, but this method seems qute promising. I got alot of out of focus bees, but a few sharp!

I would prefer using the lens without teleconverter so that the autofocus can be activated, and the crop the frame at post processing. At least the hit rate will be way higher.

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