How to get prints that are like what you see on screen

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Re: calibrate your images, too

I use a Mac and I don't know how Windows handles printing. But in OS X a print window appears with basic settings. Accessing the paper profiles for my HP 8450 printer requires clicking a button that reveals 8 additional buttons including one labeled "Paper Type/Quality." The drop-down menu lists all the installed paper profiles; that is where I select the kind of paper that I have loaded in the printer.

Usually the printer paper profiles are installed when you install the printer software; sometimes it is necessary to download and install additional paper profiles if you use paper that isn't included with the printer software profiles.

As I wrote earlier, the print results that you describe are likely caused by not selecting an inappropriate paper profile and/or having the color management handled by the application that has opened the image and the printer software simultaneously. Since you used generic Staples paper it is very likely that you haven't selected a proper paper profile. If Staples doesn't have profiles available then you would select a generic profile, if one is listed. But you will get the best results a lot quicker and easier by using Canon paper/paper profiles.

You can also switch between application and printer software color management and see which one does the best job with printing.

There is a lot of info online regarding color management and printing. Here is a link to get you started; do your own search and you will turn up a bunch of hits:

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