EOS 6D optical viewfinder vs. Rebel T2i

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Re: EOS 6D optical viewfinder vs. Rebel T2i

Steve Balcombe wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Crono_DL wrote:

The 6D viewfinder is not smaller than the one on the T2i. The magnification might be less, but the size of the sensor is much bigger, so that's the difference.\

Not correct at all. See my reply to the OP.

It is correct - the magnification of the 6D viewfinder is less. However you are applying that lower magnification to a much larger frame, and the end result is both bigger and brighter. The numbers are in my previous reply.

Again, no.  What camera  makers are doing is using a 50mm lens on aps-c and 35mm dSLRs instead of using a 50mm FOV.  If you back off and use 31mm on aps-c (to get a 50mm FOV) you'd see the magnification of the viewfinder back down to to about 0.6x instead of 0.87x.

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