Do Fast Lenses Matter Anymore?

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Re: Do Fast Lenses Matter Anymore?

For me a fast lens means my AF is that much snappier. As far as shallow DOF that is not my interest usually as I photograph scenes where I need a fairly good DOF.

I am often in venues where a slower lens has trouble focusing where the faster lens locks on allowing me to get my shot at ISO 6400 or higher.

I shoot architecture at f11 or smaller.

For landscape I want f8 or smaller.

For portraits I never use an aperture larger than f4 on my 70-200 2.8L as I get far fewer keepers even on a tripod.

The dilemma I have is that in low light I want a high shutter speed but ALSO an aperture of at least f5.6 or smaller for decent DOF of the subjects I am shooting. (candids at meetings where I cannot use flash).

As I shoot a 5Dmk2 and mk3 the FF works against me in this regard. I am seriously considering an m43 system specifically for low light high DOF work. The other bonus is that I can find cameras with quieter operation for the discreet work I need to do.

At bottom, what you shoot and what you need to achieve will determine if you need to invest in expensive, fast lenses.

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