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Re: MX-1 Why ....

jimr wrote:

The sad part with the Pentax MX-1 is that given its non pocketable size, the lack of a hot shoe is a serious mistake . It could also use an OVF or at least and option for an EVF.

The X20 is not pocketable either, nor is the LX7 or P7700.  The G15 is borderline pocketable, but many consider it's tunnel VF to be extremely limited.  AFAIK, the XZ-2, G15, P7700 and MX-1 all share the same Sony 12 mp BSI CMOS sensor.  If you look at the DxOMark scores for the P7700, you'll see that it's an all-around great performer given it's size.  In fact other than the RX100, the P7700 received the best overall score of any of the small sensor compacts.

As far as hot-shoe, many rarely, if ever, use shoe-mount flashes on P&S.  I never have, as I don't use P&Ss as replacements for my DSLR kit, but as small walk-around street and travel cameras.  I don't plan to ever use a dedicated flash, soft-box, wireless triggers, etc that I use with my DSLR.  That's just not a functionality that I'd ever need in a compact.  And even for video, I have never mounted my shotgun mic on any of my P&S, as in most cases, I'm not interested in using a compact in an elaborate video production as that's what my DSLR is for.

As far as size, the MX-1 is a slightly wider than the X10/X20, but shorter.  It's has a tiltable LCD that neither the X20 or G15 have, so for the creative angles and POV, a camera like the MX-1, XZ-2 or P7700 is going to be great, or at the very least, easier on the back and knees.   But none of the enthusiast compact with fast lenses are truly pocketable, i.e. not the Canon S110 or RX100 which are small because of the slower max apertures at the long end.  What they are is coat pocketable. But for me, I always use a small camera pouch either on my belt or with a strap.  I just am not interested in putting a expensive camera in my pocket with lint, keys, coins, etc.  So in most cases, I'd rather have a camera with a fast lens.  And most P&S with larger than 1/2.3" sensors and last f1.8-2.5 type lenses are going to be slightly larger.  Not an issue for me, and I'd rather use a more full-featured larger camera than a less full-featured smaller camera.

The MX-1 is a little thick because of the tilt-able LCD, but so is the XZ-2.  But at only 4.8" wide, it's not large.

IF the MX -1 was smaller, the lack of these could be I understood as a trade off for a smaller size. The MX-1 has to compete with the more feature laden and lower priced Canon G 15 and the Nikon P77700.

The G15 and P7700 are not really all that much more feature laden.  The MX-1 has filters, HDR, tilt-able LCD that most Canon G-series actually wish Canon had NOT removed from the G15, and most importantly, it has one of the sharpest lenses ever on a compact, the Olympus 28-112 f/1.8-2.5.  Not sure if you've downloaded any images, but the ones I have are bang on sharp from corner to corner.

For price, the MX-1 is already gone down to $479 on Amazon, which was the essentially the same price as the G15 and P7700 until a couple of weeks ago when the Nikon (which is on special) when to $399.

But I can't tell you why I like the MX-1 better than the G15 or P7700.  For the same reason people prefer the X20's design, I much prefer the retro design with the brass top and bottom plates.  I like the P7700 design but it's fairly large, and the G15's design doesn't do anything for me at all.  Everybody has different taste, and for me the G15 is a bit boring.  If I were going to buy a Canon, I'd probably buy the S110 which is smaller, cheaper, and has similar IQ.

Don't know, I think it's a great looking camera, and in truth, it's got about the same high IQ as the XZ-2 (they seem to share lens and sensor) at a cheaper price.  Doesn't have the EVF port, but again, like using an external flash, I don't see myself ever adding an bulky EVF to a compact when I have a small V1 and a DSLR with VFs.

So far the video review and the Photographyblog review do not give s clear picture of how the IQ compares.

The Camera Store video does give a clear picture of how the MX-1 compare as they do an informal high ISO comparison with the G15 and the reviewer comments that the MX-1 images retain sharpness at higher ISO while the G15 image gets softer.

Contradictory conclusions. The MX-1 looks very nice. I don't see how it surpasses the already existing tough competition.

Don't know if it surpasses, but I've downloaded folders filled with G15, P7700, MX-1 and now X20 images, and they MX-1 images look damn sharp with nice bokeh up close and good colors.  But I don't have a problem with the IQ of any of these high end compacts.  I do know that the MX-1's OOC JPEGs seem to totally usable, so it many not require tons of RAW processing, or searching for various RAW converters to get the best results.  What I'm trying to say is it just seems to work. Isn't that the Apple slogan?  "It just works".  The Pentax seems to be a non-nonsense compact, not too incredibly expensive with a good build quality and nice 920 K LCD that just works.  I know from owning the Q in the past, Pentax really knows how to make photographer friendly cameras.

Don't know if you say this Flickr gallery.  Tough contrasty light, and kind of snapshots, but you can get an idea of how good the lens/sensor is. Download a few and see what you think.

Here are a couple of Flickr galleries of full-sized samples.  In the first link, check out the image of the apartment building straight on (IMGP0029) to get an idea of the lens, which is sharp right up to the borders and corners.  It almost looks like a crop because there is zero softness at the border and corners at f2.8.  I used to own an XZ-1, and it's a remarkable lens).

Pentax MX-1 25 Image set


Pentax MX-1 Flickr Gallery


Anyway, up until 2eyesee posted the link to this X20 Gallery, I was convinced the X20 IQ destroyed the 1/1.7" compacts like the MX-1, but now I'm not so sure.  Quite honestly, I'm a bit confused as to why the Kamerakazi set NR to -2.0 on his X20 as his images are getting noisy in some cases as early as ISO 400.  I don't remember my X10 ever being so noisy at such a low ISO setting as ISO 400, so I don't know what to think, quite honestly.

But download a few of the MX1 images.  I'd be interested to know what you think.

To be clear I much prefer the X10/X20 as a camera to any other compact, but if IQ is not as good or better than the X10, I'm considering saving a few hundred and maybe buying an MX-1 and an 18.5 1.8 or telephoto zoom for my Nikon V1 or maybe a refurbished D5100.  But I'm going to wait to see more X20 images (hopefully some at default NR setting and some RAWs). I have been really excited about getting my X20 so I'm going to wait to see more.  Thanks.

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