Black body a must for your X100s purchase decision?

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Re: Black body a must for your X100s purchase decision?

cptrios wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

baobob wrote:

My experience between my silver X100 and black XP1 is that the last one is much more discrete in the crowd...

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I still have trouble buying this. The XP is bigger with a protruding lens. The X100 is smaller and less likely to call attention to itself, just my opinion.

Not to mention the silent leaf shutter. Though the thread is about a black vs. silver X100s, which is much murkier territory.

Also, since when is it necessary to have an invisible camera that allows you to surreptitiously take pictures of people? I know that it's all a matter of personal opinion, but I've always felt that the best street photography was done without the photographer needing to hide the fact that they're shooting; that having the subjects be aware of the camera and comfortable with it usually provides a more interesting scene than the giant piles of "street shots" out there that basically amount to "hey look, I managed to sneak a picture of this weirdly-dressed guy/pretty girl/homeless person without them noticing." And that has much more to do with your method as a photographer than the camera you're least to the extent that once you're carrying around a small mirrorless as opposed to a big old DSLR, the differences become minimal.

(Of course, having said that, I'm not much of a street shooter...but two of the four pictures of strangers I've taken that I would count among my best overall happen to be of their backs. So I don't necessarily practice what I preach! Though actually, it still fits into my argument, as it doesn't matter what color the camera was in those cases ;-))

One reason I prefer the silver is that I get the (possibly entirely fabricated) feeling that the retro look makes the camera slightly less attractive to thieves who aren't knowledgable about photo gear. I don't walk around clutching my X100 for dear life like I used to with my SLRs.

Plus, there is no such thing as an invisible camera, over cell phone used as as camera.  I agree with your points about thieves too.

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