D600 with D7100 as Back up

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Re: Addendum Re: I can't see a single con

vbuhay wrote:


Last event I did was a coporate Xmas party - 200-300 people , boy did that D600 -20/74 really shine. I am still getting kudos from those pictures. I can't wait to use my new 85 f1.8g, now I should be getting all the spots cleaned out on the D600 by Nikon here in Wilshire Service center.


One thing that makes me think if a D800E is not a better option than the D600 is the AF. How has it worked for you with the D600? Another is that with the D800E I also have an AA-less 16MP DX camera as well, in crop mode. Plus the very interesting 25MP 1.2x crop, using the certal 20x30mm part of the D800E's sensor. This could be the most used crop for me with a D800E.

Why did you prefer the D600?

I'm not in a hurry to get an FF, but I'm certain I'll do that later this year.

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