Sony A57 for first DSLR

Started Feb 23, 2013 | Questions thread
123Mike Veteran Member • Posts: 4,643
Sony 55-300 + Tamron 17-50

You can use your existing zoom lens just fine, but it needs stopping down to be sharp and it will suffer from CA / PF. You can filter those out though.

I'd say, get the a57, it won't disappoint you. It will shoot 12fps cropped, 10fps full, 60p video and video in ISO 3200 which you'll *need* indoors.

Lens wise, my current favorite combo is the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 + Sony 55-300.

The Sony 55-300 is new, it came out like what, last year I think. It's *good* for the price. Most definitely a lot better than your current one, and it's just that little bit wider which can solve a lot of problems.

Sharpness is hugely important to me, obsessively so, and thus, I can't stand the super zooms. Had it for two weeks, sold it (Tamron 18-250, the "sharpest" of the bunch).

If you can, get the A57 body only. Get the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 as your indoor and non-telelens needs - it's *good* - and you'll do indoor non-flash photos with this much more often! And the Sony 55-300 for birding etc. Don't worry about the "focus problems" from some of the reviews, it's good enough IMO.

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