Strange SPP .JPG problem

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Re: Ever resolved?

SandyF wrote:

check your settings under the catalog view menu... file/preferences (?)

FWIW, I can save JPEGs fine from X3F... .I've never seen that problem, ie having to save TIFFs first, in any version of SPP since 2004 and on many different PCs.

Obvious question though... sorry if too basic... you are choosing JPEG rather than TIFF in that choice field?

Thanks for the suggestions Sandy. I have double checked those settings, every time I reinstall SPP in fact. No luck still.

I have 2 other machines, both laptops, one also running win7 64 bit and the other running win XP. Both of those save a .JPEG directly from the .X3f without a problem. It is only my desktop machine that has this strange quirkiness with saving .JPEGs.

Since I usually save as a .TIF file in SPP anyways, and then edit the .TIF in other programs it's not really a problem, just a strange bug that I happened to notice and was curious about. It's probably a conflict with some other software I have installed or possibly a corrupted .DLL file. I haven't tried reinstalling windows to fix it, although that would probably do the trick. I have instead decided to just ignore this unusual SPP behavior.

Thanks again,


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