Nex-7 vignetting with FW 1.01??

Started Oct 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Erik: thanks for the info - if time will allow...

Erik Pronske wrote:

I created the first set of profiles with FW 1.0 and didn't think about creating another set of profiles until I read this thread a couple days ago (and having installed FW 1.02 when it became available). I shot plenty of images with the CV 12 on the NEX 7 with FW 1.01 and used the profiles that I created with FW 1.0 and got the expected color cast and vignetting corrections in the final images using either Cornerfix or Capture One Pro. I shot the grey card at all apertures of the lens and don't see a lot of improvement when the lens is stopped down.

  • could you pls. take same shots with a lens slightly disengaged, so the contacts are broken and FW no longer "knows" which/if the lens is present at all, and then process them with exactly the same workflow as before with FWs 1.0, 1.01 (and now with 1.02)?
  • also, have you tried an attempt to roll back FW 1.02 to the previous 1.01 (as far as I know no one but Sony has an access to a ZIP package with FW 1.0, so this is not possible to even try) - what is the upgrader response/error message?


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