Nikon D7100 - the end of high-end DX?

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Re: Nikon D7100 - One (Big?) Difference from the D300

David G72 wrote:

Makes perfect sense, I think we will never see a D400:

The D7100 specs look great, only wish for more FPS, given that the Canon 7D Mark II is rumored to be at 10fps!

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The referenced review has one large error: He says (twice, at least) that the D7100 has a magnesium body. It doesn't. As the DPR preview correctly mentions, just the back and top covers are magnesium - the same as the D7000.

For those of us who treat our gear gently, and can choose the environments we expose it to, this is no big deal. (I never broke my D70.)

For those DX users whose use is a rougher one, either by choice or necessity, I think the lack of a D400 full-metal body is a real negative.

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